4 Urgent Signs You Need Sewer Line Replacement

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There are few things more discomforting than a broken sewer line. It can make a home inhabitable with foul smells and effluent discharge that becomes a health hazard. You could also risk legal penalties if the effluent flows onto ‌neighboring property or public spaces. However, sewer line breaks will happen from time to time from different causes, including corrosion, tree root infiltration, soil shifts, heavy compaction, and severe blocks. Here are several signs that will inform you of the need for sewer line replacement:

1. Flooded Yard With a Foul Smell

This is the most obvious sign since a sewer line break will flood the yard. Foul smells accompany it as the effluent flows out into the open. The flooding can be gradual if the break is small or sudden and severe in case of a large break, for example, from vehicle compaction. You need a quick sewer main line replacement to deal with this problem. 

2. Soft Soil Spots With Super Green Grass

If you notice soft soil, spots, or grass growing faster and greener in some parts of the yard, there could be a leak in your sewer line. These indicate the entry points for sewer gases into your home or the yard. Sewage is rich in nutrients and accelerates vegetation growth where it is leaking. You will see this happen when the break is caused by tree root infiltration. You can only cure such damage with sewer line replacement of the damaged section. 

3. Drainage Difficulties in the House 

A blocked sewer line will make it difficult to drain the sink and toilet. You will notice a  smell coming from the sink or toilet because of backed-up gases from the sewer line. 

You will notice that the plumbing drains are draining slower, eventually failing to drain at all, and the toilets stop flushing. In severe cases, sewage effluent will start rising from the drains and flood the house. You need sewer main line replacement to solve this unhygienic emergency. 

4. Mold and Water Damage in the House

When you have mold on the walls and floor of the house, it could be that your sewer line is leaking. You will notice this mold infestation running along a relatively straight line following the sewer line path. This damage often happens from construction accidents, for example, during a home remodeling. Sewer line replacement is necessary to avoid expensive structural damage to the house.

Do you suspect there is a problem with the sewer line from seeing one or several of these signs? Then, call a plumber to diagnose and do sewer line replacement if necessary.