3 Reasons Why Curbless Showers Are The Perfect Fit For Remodeling A Small Bathroom

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Bathroom remodeling is a great way to add value to your home, and one of the biggest goals in any remodel should be to make the bathroom appear larger. Open, expansive bathrooms are a staple in luxury homes, and you can simulate that look by maximizing the visible space in your bathroom. One of the best ways to make your bathroom appear larger is to replace your standing shower or bathtub with a curbless shower.

The entrance to a curbless shower is perfectly level with your bathroom floor, and the shower floor is sloped so that water from the shower runs down the shower drain rather than backing up onto the bathroom floor. While curbless showers are more expensive than regular showers, they're a desirable home design feature that maximizes space. To learn three reasons why curbless showers are perfect for small bathroom remodels, read on.

1. Allows You to Eliminate the Shower Curtain

Due to the way that curbless showers are designed, there's no need for a shower curtain. Most curbless showers have a glass enclosure in order to trap heat inside while you're showering, but there's no actual need for one — the floor is sloped so that all water from the shower will flow down the drain. When you get rid of the shower curtain in your bathroom after installing a curbless shower, you substantially increase the amount of visible space. Even a small bathroom feels significantly larger once the shower curtain is no longer blocking your sight.

2. Creates One Cohesive Floor Space

Removing the shower curb creates one seamless space on your bathroom floor, which also makes it look larger. This effect can be boosted as part of a larger bathroom remodel by switching to a wall-hung toilet and sink so that neither of these fixtures makes contact with the ground. Having one seamless floor with nothing blocking it opens up your bathroom visually and lets you show off your flooring better.

3. Gives You the Space to Add a Beautiful Wall Mosaic

Finally, a curbless shower gives you a way to show off visually attractive tile mosaics even in a small bathroom. Patterned tile mosaics are a great way to boost the appeal of your home's bathroom, but there's often not enough space to showcase them in a tiny bathroom. You can use the wall tile for your curbless shower for a mosaic, which will immediately draw everyone's attention when they enter the room — this effect is best when installing your curbless shower opposite to the bathroom door, which means the mosaic will be the first thing that guests see when they enter your bathroom.

Ultimately, curbless showers are your best option for making a tiny bathroom feel larger. You'll be able to eliminate the bulky shower curtain in your bathroom, and you'll also be able to create one seamless floor— this maximizes the amount of open space in your bathroom. If you're interested in opening up your bathroom, contact a bathroom remodeling contractor in your area and ask about the process of replacing your current shower with a curbless one.