3 Telltale Signs That Clogged Sewer Line Services Cannot Wait

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A clogged sewer line can create a plumbing disaster. Most clogs start as minor repair issues. As they get worse, homeowners may dismiss their importance, which will worsen the situation. It is a good idea to get routine plumbing maintenance and services such as drain cleaning. These preventative measures reduce the chances of serious clogs occurring. The following points identify signs of an advanced clogged sewer line situation. 

Yard Puddles

This is a telltale sign of sewer lines that have gotten compromised by invasive tree roots. It is not uncommon for tree roots to extend into sewer lines. The roots seek nourishment from the water located in the lines. This is one of the reasons that plumbers caution homeowners about having trees planted close to their homes. When tree roots invade sewer lines, they start as small roots but the abundance of water and nutrients promote their expansion until they spread and cause blockages. The resulting puddles that a homeowner might observe will be distinct from ordinary puddles. They will smell foul due to their source.

Odors from Drains

Plumbing systems contain a variety of pipes. The intended purpose or pipes will determine where they are installed. Sinks have pipes that are connected to drains and U-bends. The bent portion is installed to serve as a reservoir for small quantities of water. In a properly working scenario, water will freely flow through pipes. However, if there is a clog deeper in the line, the odor from the sewer will seep back past the U-bend and be smelled through drains. Drains should never emit odors even if a home does not have a garbage disposal installed. Food, grease, hair, and other substances can also lead to clogged sewer lines. Homeowners should pay attention to whether they are experiencing issues throughout their home or in one location. If multiple drains are affected, it is likely a pending sewer line emergency.

Gurgling Toilet

This is a phenomenon that can occur when air and clogs are trapped in sewer lines. The gurgling might occur when bathtubs, sinks, or washing machines are used. It is likely to occur when water is draining out of them. Initially, it might be a mere disturbance. However, if the clogging is not addressed, it can lead to water damage and a toilet overflow.

A plumber is a good resource to use if there is a suspicion that a clog is present. They have a variety of tools that they can use to identify the location of clogs within sewer lines. There are a variety of techniques they can use for repairs, which will depend on the degree of blockage and whether damages to pipes and other key parts exist.

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