Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Plumbing Service Call

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From a severely clogged toilet to an exploded pipe in the basement during winter, there are several instances when you will need to contact a plumber. Your service call can expensive if the issue is extensive and you want to save as much money as possible on the repairs. Preparing for the plumber's visit before the professional walks into your home can help ensure you can quickly access and diagnose your plumbing, which can actually save you cash. Here are a few simple steps you can take to prepare for your next plumbing service call.

Locate and Turn Off the Main Shut-Off Valve 

If you have a leaking pipe, a toilet that won't stop running, or any other type of plumbing emergency, it is imperative to locate and turn off the main shut-off valve. Typically, the main shut-off valve is either on your home's exterior or the basement.

The valve is connected to the city's water line, so the valve will most often be on the side of the house facing the street. Because it can sometimes be tricky to locate the valve, it is best to find the valve before a plumbing emergency occurs. Even if it is not a plumbing emergency, your plumber might still ask you to turn off the shut-off valve.

Take a Quick Assessment of the Problem

Next, in addition to the obvious issue with your plumbing, take a look around the home to determine if there are any other plumbing problems. For example, if you have one burst pipe in the winter, check to ensure other pipes are not also damaged. This will save you another visit from the plumber down the road.

Create a Clear Path to the Plumbing Emergency

Get rid of any potential obstacles that will make it difficult for the plumber to reach the problem. For instance, if there is a broken pipe underneath your bathroom sink, clear out all of the cleaning supplies and other objects that might get in your plumber's way. Remember, plumbers charge by the hour, and ensuring your plumber can get to the problem as quickly as possible will save you money.

Keep Your Kids and Pets Away

Finally, make sure to keep your curious pets and inquisitive kids out of the plumber's way. This will also ensure the job can get done as quickly as possible without any distractions.

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