Potties For The Party? Family-Friendly Events And Portable Toilet Rentals

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Do you need family-friendly portable toilet rentals? Family reunions, school carnivals, and other similar events draw people of all ages. This means the portable restrooms need to accommodate children, younger adults, and seniors. Before you rent a row of portable potties, take a look at what you need to know about the family-friendly options.

Are All Portable Toilets Easy for Children To Use?

There's no standard answer to this question. Some portable toilets are easy for young children to use, while others are better suited for solo adults. If this is your first time renting portable toilets for a family-friendly event that includes younger children, consider:

  • The size of each unit. While older kids can use the restroom by themselves, preschoolers and toddlers will need a parent or caregiver's help. You may need to rent wider restrooms to accommodate one adult and one child.

  • Diaper changing options. Is there space in the restroom to change diapers? If parents, grandparents, or other adults will bring infants and toddlers to the event, ask the portable toilet company about diaper changing stations and your rental options. 

  • The fixtures and features. Are the toilets low enough for a child to easily reach? If not you may need to explore different size options or discuss the safe use of assistive devices.

Toilets aren't the only restroom-type facilities young children and their parents will need. A child who is newly potty trained or a parent who has just changed a diaper will need a way to clean their hands quickly and easily. A hand sanitizing station or a portable hand washing area can help everyone to stay safe and clean during your event.

Are the Portable Toilets Easy for Seniors To Use?

Children aren't the only family members who may need special restroom accommodations. An aging grandparent's declining mobility, wheelchair use, and walkers can make it difficult to use a portable restroom. Instead of smaller, single toilets, rent larger facilities that are handicapped accessible and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

Where Should You Set Up the Toilet Rentals?

Now that you know what to look for in family-friendly rentals, it's time to choose the portable toilets and select spaces for a safe set-up. Accessibility is a priority for family-friendly events that include young children, adults with strollers, and older seniors. The rentals should sit on a flat, hard surface. Avoid muddy areas or extremely loose gravel. 

If possible, set up toilet rentals in a few different areas. This makes it easy for a parent to rush their newly-potty trained child to the restroom from almost anywhere. Decrease the risks of an accident (both physical and the bathroom-related kind) and keep the rentals away from obstacles such as rows of shrubs, trees, or vehicles. 

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