HVAC Services You Shouldn't Ignore

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If you want to improve the functionality of your HVAC, you need to focus on regular maintenance. This allows a technician to identify hidden issues before they get worse. Many homeowners ignore specific problems only to pay the high cost later. Here are some HVAC services that should never be overlooked.

Fixing Continuously Running Blowers 

Many people tend to ignore a blower that is running continuously. This isn't normal behavior, but it shows there is an issue with the fan switch. In severe cases, it could mean there is a problem with your thermostat or the blowers fan relay. Ignoring the problem could damage the thermostat. In the end, you might have to replace the entire system.

Ignition Problems

Another common HVAC service involves fixing the HVAC's ignition. Like a car's ignition, the HVAC's ignition is crucial to the functionality of your system. Some issues that affect the function of the ignition include worn-out ignition switches, faulty control boards, and a faulty thermocouple. The hot surface ignition switches only last a few years and will need to be replaced to restore the efficiency of the ignition.

On the other hand, a faulty control board affects the heating element's function and later shuts down your furnace. This also needs to be repaired before the system is completely damaged. Lastly, the thermocouple checks whether the pilot light is functioning. If this component isn't fixed, you will experience pilot light problems.


You should never take leaks in your HVAC lightly as they make the system ineffective. They may be caused by a broken or clogged pipe. Another cause of leaks is the heat exchanger and evaporator drain pan. One way to prevent leaks is to clean the HVAC's drain lines using bleach. For severe leaks, call a technician to seal or unclog pipes.

Furnace Noise Reduction

A common problem with HVAC units is unusual noises. It takes a keen ear to detect whether the noise is expected since the furnace produces noise during regular operation. Unusual noises mainly arise when your motors fail. You will hear a squealing and whining sound. 

These noises can also be a result of dirty burners. If you fail to clean dirt in the burners, you could destroy the whole HVAC system. Unusual noise could also indicate that the furnace's inducer motor is failing. The sooner you address these noises, the better.

If you want to enjoy favorable temperatures in your home during warm and cold seasons, you should be able to identify signs that your HVAC unit is malfunctioning. Calling an HVAC service in time to fix these issues will save you the cost of replacing your HVAC system and ensure the environment of your home is comfortable at all times.