Signs Your Hot Water Tank Needs Replacing

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The storage tank is integral to your water heater system as it ensures you get hot water on demand. Therefore, you must ensure that the hot water tank is always in perfect condition. Sadly, these tanks may fail beyond repair. And when they do, you must invest in new hot water tank installations. Here are the signs your hot water tank needs replacing.

Old Age 

Your water heating system might still be intact after a decade or so. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't change a few components. The hot water tank might be in bad condition after all those years. As such, consider getting a new hot water tank to replace the old one. It's the only way to ensure the water heater system continues to perform well.

Lack of Hot Water

Lacking enough water in your household can be pretty frustrating. Unfortunately, the lack of hot water could mean your storage tank has a problem. Assuming you have had the storage tank for a long time, you may have had a lot of sediments settle at the bottom of the hot water tank. With time, the sediments will form a barrier between the water in the tank and the burner. Consequently, the heat will take longer to reach the water. That's why your showers are no longer warm enough.

Rumbling Noises

Rumbling and popping noises are another sign that your hot water tank has an issue. These noises usually happen when there is mineral buildup. Besides, sediments accumulating at the bottom of the tank can also cause popping and rumbling noises. Remember that air pockets will form in the sediment layer. Sadly, these air pockets will make sounds as they boil along with the water.

Leaks From the Tank

You might also have to install a new hot water tank if your current tank has a leak. As your tank ages, it will lose its integrity. So, don't be surprised to see cracks or small holes in your tank. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to fix the leaks. And since you don't want to deal with water damage in your house, you'll have to purchase a new hot water tank.

Cloudy Water

Discolored water is another sign your hot water tank needs replacing. So, if you open your faucets and notice rusty or murky water, start planning for a tank replacement. Even though your tank has a coating that slows down corrosion, it will deteriorate after some time. And when it does, rust will form inside the tank. As such, you may need to replace the hot water tank before the cloudy water ruins your appliances and fixtures.

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