Is It Time To Replace Your Sewer Pipe?

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Homeowners may know that they need to consider a pipe inspection but put it off. After all, sewer pipes are not something that tend to be obvious. However, when problems occur like some of those below, you know it's time to call a plumber. To find out more signs it's time to get new sewer pipes, read on.

Something Smells Bad

Sewage pipes take wastewater from your home to the pipe under the street. That is the city sewer pipe that carries the sewage away to the treatment plant in your town. When you do laundry, wash clothes, rinse fruit in the sink, take a shower, and use the toilet, the water going down the drain is considered wastewater and is sent to the sewer pipe.

When you can smell sewage, you probably have a leak in the main pipe, known as the lateral pipe. The lateral pipe is several feet long and cracks can occur anywhere along the pipe. However, a network of pipes under your home also carries sewage to the pipe and they can also develop a clog or leak as well. In many cases, a tree root is the cause of the problem. Invasive roots are attracted to the tiniest of leaks in the pipe under your front yard. The root gradually invades the pipe and causes the clog and leaks. When wastewater is trapped, it produces a gas. This gas has a very unpleasant odor and is a sign you should call a plumber.

You Know the Pipes Are Old

If your home is several years old, you should probably have your pipes checked by a professional. Many homeowners have no idea what their pipes are made of or how old they are. Pipes used to be made of brass, cast iron, or copper. This type of pipe can last a long time, but it will eventually corrode and rust.

Galvanized steel and PVC pipes are usually used in homes today as they last a very long time. However, all pipes are subject to the ravages of time. They can crack, leak, and rust through. You can have your sewer pipe inspected by calling a plumber.

Noisy Pipes

Another sign of a problem with your pipes is noises coming from them when you flush. The groaning and other sounds signal a problem somewhere along the route.

In case of the above signs, call for a professional inspection by a plumbing service.