Smell Sewage And Think You Have A Leak? Get Emergency Sewer Cleaning And Repairs Fast

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An emergency situation with raw sewage under the house and in the crawl space or basement needs to be handled fast and by professionals. If you have detected a sewage problem, call the plumbing professionals immediately.

You need to find out how bad the damage is in areas where you can see, and you should stop using anything that runs to the sewage line in your home. Here are actions the plumbers and professionals will take.

Stop the Sewage

Exposure to raw sewage is very hazardous and toxic. An emergency plumbing team will work fast to find the source of the leak and stop the sewage from continuing to pump out of the pipe. From there, the plumbers will start to work to clean up the leak and start repairing or replacing the pipes. The type of damage will affect how long this could take.

Fix and Repair Immediately

The damaged pipe needs to be fixed and repaired or replaced immediately. This can take time to find the right parts, but a temporary solution will be used if there is a wait. If this involves plumbing lines from the city, there may be inspectors that have to come into your home to verify the work and oversee the project.

If a blockage inside the pipes in other areas is causing backflow and problems in your home, the plumbers can work to snake the clog. If this is a clog caused by tree branches or something else underground, or if the pipes are aged and starting to deteriorate, that will be a more extensive project.

Hire a Cleaning Company

Hire a professional home sewer cleaning company come to come and sanitize the home and affected areas. They will clean up everything that was left behind from the plumber's repairs, remove the hazardous waste from cleaning, and then do a thorough job sanitizing the area.

If you smell sewage and can see there is something leaking, don't touch or stand around to find out what the leakage is. Instead, call some professionals — such as Drains By James Inc — to come handle this toxic waste and stop the leak.

There are many issues that pop up with pipes as they start to age, and your sewage lines may have damages that are causing sewage to pump into your home. If the odors are strong it may be best to leave the home until you know that it's safe to be in the residence.