4 Reasons To Leave High-Pressure Drain Cleaning To Professionals

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You could be tempted to rush to the store and purchase a water jet machine if you have clogged drains. Drain jetting has numerous advantages, but the exercise should be left to professional plumbers. So, why should you contact the drain cleaners and avoid the DIY?

1. Determine If It Is the Right Method to Use 

High-pressure drain cleaning is one of many methods to clean drains. Professionals prefer to inspect the condition of your pipes before choosing a suitable cleaning method. Hydro-jetting uses pressurized water to cut through debris blocking the pipes. If your plumbing system has weak seams and points from rust or wear, the pressure could be too bold, easily busting through the drain. Besides failing to eliminate the clog, you could break the drain lines and cause leaks. Therefore, contact the experts to help you choose a method suited for your drain system. 

2. Use the Appropriate Techniques 

Again, blindly focusing the pressurized water into the pipes without locating the clog could be catastrophic. Plumbers prefer to locate the clog first before choosing a technique to use. The plumber accurately targets the clog for effective removal. Using incorrect methods can put unnecessary pressure on the pipes, causing extensive damage. You might have to schedule unexpected pipe repair services or have hidden leaks that may lead to water damage. 

3. Avoid Safety Concerns 

Hydro-jetting machines often come with numerous nozzles for different applications. Some nozzles are sized for huge pipes, while others are designed for small pipes. Using a large nozzle for a small pipe can be dangerous. You risk putting yourself in harm's way or damaging property without proper safety gear. High-pressure water can easily bruise you if you come into contact with it. Therefore, you should leave the job to professionals who understand what it takes to protect themselves from harm. 

4. Satisfactory Results 

When your drains are at stake, the last thing you want is to make the situation worse by breaking the pipes, injuring yourself, or failing to remove the clogs. But this will likely happen if you choose the DIY route. Instead, schedule an appointment with your plumber. Professionals have enough experience and skills to use the water jet machine appropriately. They can deliver quick and satisfactory results and even repair broken or damaged drain pipes. 

The above are reasons to contact professionals whenever your drains clog. Hydro-jetting is a powerful method to clear clogs, but it is only effective when done correctly. Therefore, schedule an appointment with a plumber to enjoy quality services.