Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Repairs

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Your septic tank collects sewage and facilitates the breakdown of the wastes by anaerobic bacteria. However, your septic system becomes prone to wear and tear as it ages, calling for repair. But when's the right time for septic tank repairs? Here are the indicators.

Slow Drainage

Septic systems have drains that direct the wastewater into and out of your septic system. Nonetheless, foreign objects such as mud or large boulders may enter your pipes, resulting in blockage. Blocked pipes prevent wastewater from flowing into and out of your septic system efficiently. Hence, pressure may build up in your septic system, which may cause the bursting of the pipes. You may spend more repairing or replacing the damaged piping.

Likewise, blocked septic systems may cause a backup in your toilets or sinks. Septic tank repairs may entail removing the debris blocking the wastewater channels in your septic system. This ensures the proper flow of wastewater, protecting your system against damage and preventing wastewater backups.


When your septic tank components break, cracks or holes may form. These may act as leakage points, letting the sewage out to your property. So, you may notice some wastewater in your yard. Remember that raw sewage contains potentially harmful bacteria that may cause infections upon contact. Additionally, wastewater on your property may negatively impact your property's aesthetics. In such cases, septic tank repairs may include sealing leakage points.

Foul Smell

Efficient septic systems contain your wastewater and its smell. Nevertheless, a small leak in your septic system may be difficult to detect as you may not notice raw sewage flooding in your yard. But, a foul smell from the area around your septic system may indicate leakage. Professional septic tank repair services can inspect your system to determine and fix the damage. This restores your septic tank system's efficiency, which prevents bad odors from filling your property.

Patchy Lawn

You may need to irrigate your lawn during the dry season for uniform growth. However, if some patches of your lawn around your sewer system are greener and denser than others, this may mean that the sewage is leaking. Hence, the grass around the leakage points may access the water, growing healthier than the grass in other areas of your lawn. Septic repairs can fix the leak, ensuring uniform growth of your grass.

The signs that you need septic tank repairs include leakage, foul smells, slow drainage, and patches on your lawn. Consider hiring a septic tank repair service when you see these signs.

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