Common Holiday Plumbing Problems

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Plumbing problems are pretty common during the holidays. Remember, everyone is at home, and you still have guests coming over. Your plumbing system will be overloaded and might develop many problems. Here are some issues that might require you to hire plumber services.

Clogged Toilet

Your toilet is likely to clog more during the holidays. But what causes them to block? Frequent clogs happen due to the following reasons:

  • You have a clogged sewer line
  • You have been using too much toilet paper
  • You have been flushing items that you shouldn't flush
  • You have a clogged toilet trap

You could use a plunger to dislodge the clogs. But if the clog won't budge, you'll have to engage a certified plumber.

Running Out of Hot Water

With the high number of people in your home during holidays, you'll definitely run out of hot water. Your water heater will have difficulty keeping up with the high hot water demand. Therefore, it is easy for the heater to malfunction or even fail. You'll need to cut your family's hot water usage to avoid trouble. Giving the water heater a quick break before taking showers might do the trick. 

The Toilet Keeps Running

As your toilet gets heavy use, it may develop this problem. Sadly, you can't ignore a constantly running toilet because it will cause your water bill to soar. Besides, the sound of running water can be frustrating. But how can you fix the issue? Well, try out these fixes before calling your local plumber:

  • Adjust the water level in the tank
  • Replace the flapper
  • Shorten the refill tube
  • Replace the fill valve

The Bathtub No Longer Drains

Bathtubs not draining is an issue that happens during holidays. Remember, you have got more people bathing, and so much hair, soap, and gunk could get into the drain pipe. When that happens, the bathtub drain pipe will clog, making it impossible for water to drain. You can try solving the clogging problem using a drain stick or toilet plunger. However, some stubborn clogs might require the intervention of a plumber.

Sluggish Drains

All your drains are likely to be affected during the holiday season. Your drain pipes will transport a lot of waste, which never goes well. So, don't be surprised if your kitchen sinks and bathtubs take longer to drain water. That usually happens when there are clogs in the drain pipes. Alternatively, you could be having a problem with the septic system. 

Contact a local residential plumber to learn more.