Working With A Contractor To Install A New Sink Or Fixtures In Your Home

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Installing a new sink in your kitchen or bathroom is a great way to update the space when renovating it. Many times, small changes can have a huge impact on the bathroom or kitchen, and a sink installation contractor can handle the job for you. 

Sink Styles

When considering a new sink for your home, the style is often a personal choice. However, some sink styles or types are better suited to specific uses, so it is essential to consider how you will use the sink when selecting one. 

A sink in a kitchen may need to be large enough for oversized pots and pans if you typically cook large amounts of food at one time. If you are changing the sinks in your bathroom, you may want to consider something small that allows several sinks on one countertop or one large sink for a bathroom intended for one occupant at a time. 

The color, material, and design options are vast, so it may be a good idea to take a trip to the local plumbing store or a home center that sells sinks and other fixtures to choose the ones you want to use in your remodel. 

Sink Installation

When the sink installation contractor or plumber arrives to replace your sink, they will remove the old one and inspect the hot and cold water lines under the cabinet to ensure they have shut-off valves on them and are in good condition. If the valve is leaking or improperly installed, the contractor can change them for you or replace the seals inside the valve to ensure water does not flow past when the valve is closed.

With the new sink installation, the plumber or contractor should also replace the supply lines from the water lines to the sink fixtures. Most new fixtures will come with new lines, but if you are using the same fixtures with the new sink, your contractor should still add braided stainless steel or flexible lines with new rubber washers to ensure there are no leaks under the sink when the installation is complete. 

If the drain location is different on your new sink, it may be necessary to change the drain line and trap. If the drain is the original one, it can be beneficial to change it to ensure that all the seals are in good condition and the drain flows smoothly.

Most sink installation contractors will have all the necessary parts to put your new sink in but check with them before they arrive to ensure you have everything on-site to save time on the installation. 

Contact a local sink installation contractor to learn more.