Bathroom Plumbing Updates For Seniors

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If you are approaching the age at which some might call you a senior citizen, then you might be looking into changes you can make to your home so that it is safer and easier for you to use. Or, maybe you have an older relative moving in with you, and you know you're going to need to make some changes to accommodate them. In either case, the bathroom is a good place to start. The following are some changes you can make to the plumbing in order to make the bathroom both safer and more convenient for older adults.

Install Thermostatic Mixing Valves

People of any age can scald themselves if the water in the sink or shower gets too hot, but this is even more of a concern for seniors who may not be able to move out of the way fast enough once they discover the water coming out of a tap is too hot. Luckily, a plumber can install thermostatic mixing valves on both your shower and your sink taps. These valves essentially measure how much hot water is coming out and adjust the flow of cold water accordingly. This way, the water coming out will never exceed a safe temperature, even if someone flushes the toilet while the shower is being used.

No-Touch Faucets

A no-touch faucet is one that is motion activated. Wave your hand over it or under it (depending on the model), and it will turn the flow of water on or off. These are great for seniors with arthritis in their hands. There's no need to turn a knob. You also don't have to worry about anyone accidentally leaving the water on after they wash their hands or brush their teeth.

Handheld Shower Wand

If you do not already have a detachable, handheld shower wand, consider having your plumber install one. This way, if you ever have to shower in a seated position, you can have more control over the flow of the water. You may be more likely to actually start showering in the seated position, which is safer in some cases if you have the right plumbing setup to make it possible.

If you or someone in your home is a senior adult, the right plumbing can make all the difference. Talk to a plumber about making these changes to your bathroom. 

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