FAQs About Residential Slab Leaks

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Was there a sudden drop in the water pressure level in your home that you are concerned about? Low water pressure is a sign that something is preventing water from fully flowing through to plumbing fixtures as it should. You might have a serious problem at hand that must be repaired by a professional, such as if there is a pipeline blockage that is not easy to access. Slab leaks should be repaired as quickly as possible because additional problems will develop the longer that the problem persists. This article is where you will find answers to general questions about slab leaks.

What Defines a Slab Leak?

A slab leak occurs in a manner that is not easily detected because it is hidden beneath a concrete slab, such as the foundation of a home. A slab leak can occur when the foundation slips out of place and places pressure on the pipeline that is contained within the concrete. A foundation can slip during an earthquake, or commonly due to saturated soil becoming mud that causes the slab to shift. A slab leak can also occur when pipelines are not installed in the concrete in a professional manner. Old pipes can corrode to the extent of a leak developing within a slab as well.

How Can a Slab Leak Cause Problems?

Other than causing low water pressure, there are multiple problems that can develop from a slab leak. For example, if the leak is not repaired as quickly as possible, the humidity levels in your home can rise and cause additional problems. High humidity can cause mold growth and attract pests to your home. If mold begins to grow from the leak, you might begin to smell a musty odor in your house that does not go away. A slab leak can also cause your carpet to get soggy or tiles to crack if the problem is severe enough.

How Do Plumbers Repair Slab Leaks?

Slab leaks can be repaired in several ways, and a plumber will determine which type of repair method should be used based on the details of the leak. For instance, sometimes slab leaks can only be repaired via a portion of the concrete being demolished. In other cases, a slab leak can be repaired without demolishing the slab, which is less destructive to the flooring materials in a home. If you desire to know other techniques that are used for slab leak repairs, ask a local plumber for details.