3 Important Signs That Repipe Residential Plumbing Services Cannot Wait

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Homeowners encounter a variety of repair and replacement issues during the course of owning their homes. Sometimes unexpected events create a need for emergency repairs. There are a lot of repair and upgrade issues that can be expected. This is because many building materials come with estimated lifespans. 

Individuals who move into homes that were previously inhabited by others may not know when to expect to make upgrades such as repiping their homes. Plumbing systems are prone to damage as they age. This is why routine maintenance services are encouraged. However, it might be difficult for new owners to determine whether pipe replacements were ever completed in their homes and when. New pipes have impressive decades-long lifespans, which is why they are a good investment. The following points highlight a few signs that a home needs repiping.


Corroded pipes will cause pipe leaks if they are not replaced. This is not an issue that can be remedied in the long term with repairs. Pipes with corrosion issues usually are made of galvanized steel. If there is discoloration visible on exposed areas of plumbing materials,  homeowners should proactively seek residential plumbing services to determine the extent of the corrosion. It is possible for small leaks elsewhere in the system to exist, and they can cause water damage. Hidden leaks are a common cause of costly repairs. 

Low Water Pressure

Individuals who notice low pressure should seek emergency residential plumbing services. This phenomenon may be caused by a number of things. Sediment build-up and pipe leaks are common culprits. Sediment can build up due to mineral deposits from hard water building up and hardening inside pipes. It can also occur when corrosion is present. The rust from the corrosion can flake off and cause clogs. The water that flows through corroded pipes may be discolored and have a metallic taste.

Obsolete Piping Material

Many older homes have obsolete building materials installed. This is serious because most materials that are no longer being manufactured had safety or quality issues. Individuals who discover that they have pipes in their homes that are made of lead or polybutylene need to get repipe residential plumbing services.  Lead has been deemed unsafe due to harmful health effects. Polybutylene pipes are prone to leaks and bursting, which can cause significant water damage.

Residential plumbing services involving repiping need to be performed by a plumber. The service will require a full inspection and permits. Depending on the size of a home and whether there are immediate areas of concern, temporary repairs may be made to stop issues such as plumbing leaks. These measures reduce the chances of water damage and other issues occurring during the planning f the repiping project.

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