You Have A Burst Pipe! Now What?

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Did you experience a burst pipe? A burst pipe occurs when a piece of your plumbing system fails in a major way, allowing water to flood out of the burst pipe and into your home. Every year, burst pipes cause an estimated $400 - $500 million in damage. When you have a burst pipe, you need to take action quickly in order to minimize the damage. Learn more about what to do if you experience a burst pipe. 

What should you do if you have a burst pipe?

First, you need to stop water from pouring into your home. You can do this by turning off the water to your home at the main shut-off valve. You can typically find the main shut-off valve by the water meter. Keep in mind that you won't have water coming into your home at this time. 

Contact an emergency plumber to resolve the issue for you. Emergency plumbers may cost a bit more, but it's worth it to get the water restored to your home. Until then, you won't be able to shower or even get drinking water. 

The plumber will locate the area where the pipe burst and then replace the damaged piping with new piping. Once the material is replaced, the water will be restored. 

Finally, you'll have to clean up the damage from the burst pipe. You can open the windows and use industrial fans to help dry the area. If the water damaged the building material, you may need to hire a contractor to replace the damaged material.

How can you prevent burst pipes?

Most pipes burst as a result of freezing temperatures. The pressure of the water inside of the pipes turning into ice as they freeze is too much for the piping material to handle. You can prevent burst pipes by preparing all of your pipes for winter. Use freeze-proof faucets on exterior spouts. You should also use insulated covers on any exposed pipes. You can also keep your water heater set to a particular temperature that will prevent freezing, even when you leave for vacation. 

In some cases, a burst pipe occurs due to the age of the piping. You can preemptively replace the piping to ensure you don't have a problem in the near future. 

A lot of people don't realize that they can prevent a burst pipe until it's too late. If you found yourself in this circumstance, contact your emergency plumber immediately.