Early Leak Detection: The Key To Preventing Major Water Damage

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When you hear someone has a plumbing leak, one of your first thoughts may be about how much water damage they must have to repair. Indeed, many plumbing leaks do cause a lot of water damage. But it does not always have to be this way. Often, plumbing leaks start off pretty small, and if you can catch and address them at this early stage, the resulting damage won't be nearly as substantial. So, what are the early signs of a plumbing leak? Take a look.

Dripping Noises

On a quiet day when there is not a lot of traffic, turn off anything in your home that could be making noise. Then, stand in the areas where you know pipes are located, and listen closely. Do you hear any dripping or dribbling noises? If so, you probably have a hidden, tiny leak behind one of your walls. A plumber can precisely locate and repair the leak before the pipe splits further or breaks completely.

Moist Spots

Look over the floors, walls, and ceilings where you know your pipes are located. Do you see any little areas that are moist or discolored? Moisture and discoloration of surfaces are both signs of plumbing leaks. Keep in mind that the leak may not be exactly where you see the spot, since water tends to run and dribble downward. The leak might be located near the top of a vertical pipe, while the spot you see is near the base of the wall that the pipe runs behind. 

Musty Odors

Sometimes when a pipe leaks, there is not enough water to make any surfaces outside of the wall space wet. But there is enough moisture to cause mold to start growing in between your walls. When this is the case, you may notice a musty odor in certain parts of your home. The odor will persist even if you vacuum, dust, and wipe down the surfaces in this area, and that's because it is coming from inside the walls. A plumber can locate and repair the leak, and they may also spray some mold killer while they have your wall opened up.

Don't wait for your basement to be flooded to address a plumbing leak. If you hear dripping noises, see moist spots, or notice a musty odor in certain areas, then you should contact a plumber about a potential small leak. Act quickly to prevent further damage.

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