Repairing Your Home's Faulty Garbage Disposal Unit

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A garbage disposal system is an essential household appliance that helps to eliminate food waste and keep your kitchen clean. Yet, just like any other machine, it needs regular upkeep to function properly and last as long as possible. 

Avoiding Common Garbage Disposal Mistakes

Frequent maintenance is necessary to keep garbage disposals running well and to last for a long time. Unfortunately, some mistakes can negate this maintenance and increase the risk of a garbage disposal failure. These steps include putting fibrous materials down the drain, pouring grease or oil into the unit, running hot water while grinding food waste, and overloading the unit with too much waste at once. These actions can cause damage to the disposal blades and motor or lead to clogs in your plumbing system.

Follow Safety Precautions When Using The Garbage Disposal

When working on a garbage disposal system, always prioritize safety first. Before performing any maintenance task on your unit, turn off its power supply by unplugging it from the wall outlet or switching off its circuit breaker.

Ensure you have adequate protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, and a face mask. Homeowners often underappreciate the importance of this equipment. However, garbage disposal is one of the most dangerous appliances in your home.

Hire A Professional Repair Technician  

While some minor issues with your garbage disposal system can be addressed through DIY methods, more complicated problems require the expertise of a professional repair service. Hiring a reliable expert ensures that your unit is thoroughly inspected and repaired using quality parts and industry-standard techniques.

Ideally, these repairs should be scheduled as promptly as possible. Any delays with repairing your garbage disposal unit can increase the risk of potentially catastrophic damage.

Know When To Replace Your Garbage Disposal System

If your kitchen's garbage disposal unit is malfunctioning frequently, it may be time for a replacement disposal unit. This can be a reasonable investment in your kitchen, and it may even save money over time as the new unit will require repairs far less frequently.

If you have determined that replacing your current garbage disposal system is necessary, your next steps should be thoroughly researching different models. Pay special attention to the units' warranty protection and noise ratings. Once you have settled on a new garbage disposal for your kitchen, hire an experienced plumber or appliance installer. When disposing of your old unit, keep it in a secure area until it is collected. Otherwise, it may attract pests to the area.

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